Non invasive Cardiac Angiogenesis therapy

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Neomed Hospital, Chennai has introduced a new non invasive cardiac treatment – ESMR (Extracorporeal shockwave myocardial revascularization) to patients who have tried the conventional methods of treatment with little success.

Presents ESMR - A world class treatment for the first time in India, a breakthrough in management of Refractory Angina Pectoris with end-stage coronary Artery Disease not Suitable for Revascularization (Bypass Surgery)

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Dr.L. Sivabalan
M.B.B.S.,Dc.OT (Canada),
Director & Chief Consultant
Preventive Cardiology, Chelation Therapy
Bio Oxidative Therapy (England)
Insulin Potentiation Therapy (Mexico)
Member - American College of Advanced medicine (ACAM)
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Dr.Sivabalan, the chief consultant says - our hospital is already treating cardiac patients with non-invasive technology using EECP. Now we are the first in India and among the few in this world to bring in ESMR and also said the new technique would give a new lease of life to heart patients having few treatment options. He claimed that as of today no such facility existed anywhere else in India.

Heart physicians over the world have claimed that treatment of ischemic myocardium is safer and non-invasive today. Angiogenesis means formation or growth of new blood vessels which is considered a good option for those who have tried all the other methods or are unable to undergo surgery.

It is a technique based on using low intensity Shock waves, a form of sound waves similar to those generated by ultrasound machines, produced by a special shock wave generator, targeted at the ischemic areas of heart muscles which stimulates the formation or growth of new blood vessels which in turn increases the blood supply to the ischemic area of the heart and improves its myocardial perfusion.

Dr.Sivabalan , said that already EECP was a success and now ESMR also in the picture will provide an extra option to the patients who were not the eligible candidates for surgery. Ischemic myocardial areas no longer accessible by conventional revascularization therapies could be treated with the ESMR therapy. Myocardial Revascularization using Shockwave technology is a new innovation gaining therapeutic acceptance globally.

Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Myocordial Revascularization